Gravity Filling Machine manufacturers

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Gravity Filling Machine manufacturers

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CDP-12E Bleach Gravity Filling Machine
Machine Introduction:
CDP-12E Automatic Explosion-proof filling machine is the new-generation improved gravity filling machine which is suitable for filling liquid into bottles. It is widely used in the bleach filling with high corrosive features. The whole machine is linear structure and controls by the valves.
The filling principle can realize the high precision of filling. It is controlled by the PLC, human interface and easy operation. The machine is equipped with electric scale weight feedback system which makes the volume adjustment easier. The machine, material tank, feeding pipes, electrical cabinet are made of PP, Organic glass cover seals the machine which can eliminate the waste air during production. Combined with bleach industry current situation, We designs the PP and non-metallic material especially for the high corrosive products. The PP material has the high anti corrosive features after many time experiments in customer site. The filling heads are coated with titanium which is more anti-corrosive.
The liquid tray is coated with Teflon Main Technical Parameters:
1 Made by high quality PP material it is with the features of durable and stable operation.
2. No bottle no fill.
3. It can control different filling speed on one dose.
4. Filling system is controlled by valves, it assure high filling accuracy and stable operation of the filling machine.
5. Diving filling head is available according to different product
6. Air blow off filling nozzle is available for sticky product to avoid tail stringing on nozzle.
7. Liquid tray is available in case any leakage after filling to avoid any pollution to the bottles.
8. It can save up to 20 groups parameter on the PLC, convenient for operation.
9. No tooling needed to change over different size bottles.
10. Quick-install connecting parts, it is easy to disassemble and clear machine, also this is easy for the operator to do the change-over between different products and bottle sizes
11. Quick install connecting parts which is easy to disassemble and clean the machineGravity Filling Machine manufacturers
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