Paddle Board

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Paddle Board

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Inflatable stand up paddle board accommodates riders of all sizes and excels in long board style surfing, directional gliding and touring. At 6’’ thick with a proven rocker line, inflatable paddle board is the perfect balance between comfortable riding and maneuverability.

During and lightweight, the construction of inflatable stand up paddle board builds strength from the inside out. Polyester space yarn is strategically positioned in a reinforced V connection for maximum strength and load distribution. Maintaining precision control over rocker and twist, once the drop stitch is formed, to reinforce shape without weighting down the structure. A double rail construction adds further strength and stiffness, while high heat tolerant adhesive ensures long lasting resilience.

Inflatable stand up paddle board is wide and incredibly rigid offering significant stability and smooth gliding performance. A convenient choice when travelling , this light weight construction packs up neatly for easy transport to even the most remote locations. Featuring plugs in the nose to accommodate a bungee storage system, this stable board carries larger loads effortlessly through flatwater and chop, making it the ideal partner for any adventurer.Paddle Board
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