Thin Film Distillation price

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Thin Film Distillation price

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Wuxi Hexiang Biochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is in the leading position in the field of thermal separation technology (thin film evaporator, short path distiller, film dryer, high viscosity, high vacuum technology and liquid-liquid extraction tower). Our foundation is based on research institutes. , industry experts and a strong technical team that has long been engaged in separation of professionals, all kinds of professional (process, equipment, self-powered, machinery, etc.) talents complete.
HEC is a production base for domestic scraper evaporator models and application fields, and has developed conical wiper evaporators and film dryers. Has successfully provided a number of well-known domestic companies with 10,000 tons of epoxy resin desolvent section, epichlorohydrin and toluene content of less than 100PPm.
Specializing in the supply of refined dimer acid and high purity dimer acid molecular distillation complete sets.
The company has three patents (patent number: ZL20032012.8, ZL20032012.8, ZL20032012.8). Through the agency and the introduction of foreign technology, the technical indicators of the wiped film evaporator produced have reached the same foreign products.
The company has formed an annual production (0.06, 0.1M2) experimental small complete sets, 0.12 ~ 30M2 of various materials of the wiped film evaporation / distiller 佰 multiple sets (sets).
CFE centrifugal thin film evaporator specially designed for traditional Chinese medicine and biochemical industry;
Liquid-liquid turntable extraction tower;
2 key scientific research projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission;
Large square composite plate wiped film evaporation / distiller;
In order to meet the various process needs of users, the company has: product development test equipment and test platform suitable for various material structures (such as: distributor, wiper, etc.).
The company's purpose: technology, quality, service is the basic element, to meet the needs of customers to update the process needs is the pursuit of the goal.
HEC has a significant share of the thermal separation market (film, short range, dry, high viscosity), serving the following industries:
Polymers Natural Plants Chemical Industry Agrochemicals Grease Chemistry Fine Chemicals Basic Chemistry Chinese/Western Medicine Petrochemicals Environmental Protection and Energy L-Lactic Acid.Thin Film Distillation price
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